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armchair records is a northern-based UK label, set up in 2001 to focus on the development of new talent in the rock and chill-out acoustic genres
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PRESS RELEASE (14/02/2002)

armchair records have announced the release of its latest act’s debut album - 'Once Around The Sun' from Leeds-based portabello will be initially released around the UK's Borders stores on 9th March, 2002, and will be backed up by the radio single 'Slowglass'.

The album contains a number of live tracks that were recorded at The New Roscoe in December 2001. All of these live tracks were mixed straight from the desk; the opening track and radio single 'Slowglass' was one of those recorded live, and demonstrates the strength of their extraordinary performing and songwriting talents.

portabello embark on a promotional acoustic tour in March and April, taking in all of the country's Borders stores. A subsequent live tour of UK venues will take place in the following months.

portabello’s representatives in the US will be securing festival dates in the summer, by which time armchair records hope to have in place a wider distribution deal throughout the UK and Europe.

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